Residential Home Inspections

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Our buyer’s home inspections are completely comprehensive. We will accompany you through a walkthrough and inspection of the home you’re interested in buying, and assess its condition using our multi-point home inspection checklist. Our buyer’s home inspections include:

  • Multi-point inspection and walkthrough
  • Roof and foundation inspection
  • A comprehensive report noting all issues
  • Unlimited follow-ups and support from your home inspector

New Construction Phase Inspections

New Construction Phase Inspections are probably one of the most important aspects of understanding your home and the way that it is built and performs. Having a qualified professional inspection company watching out for you during the critical phases of construction will leave you with a much higher comfort level in knowing that your home has been properly inspected every step of the way.

Pre-Listing/Seller Certified Inspections

Having your home inspected prior to placing it on the market is a great way to identify any problems and either repair or disclose the issue found in the inspection report. Benefits can include being better able to choose an accurate asking price for your home and therefore, improving the success of a sale; minimizing negotiations; boosting buyer confidence;  smoother closing and shorter escrow.

Pool & Spa Inspections

Pools and spas can be relaxing and therapeutic additions to any home or multi-unit housing structure, but only if they’re safe and properly maintained. Our inspections review pool area enclosure, related access gates to ensure safety and readily accessible equipment such as lights, pumps, filters, etc.

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections are tailored specifically to your needs whether it is for Offices, Retail, Industrial, Multi-Family or other special uses. We will provide a comprehensive visual inspection to determine the property’s condition compiled in a complete visual report.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Infrared (thermal imaging) is an advanced, non-invasive technology that allows us to see things not visible to the human eye. We check electrical panels for hot spots, evaluate insulation deficiencies in areas most likely to cause concern and look for moisture problems if there is evidence that moisture may be present.

Irrigation Inspections

Irrigation or Sprinkler Maintenance Inspection

If not installed and maintained properly, a lawn irrigation system can create problems for the health of a property’s lawn. A faulty system can lead to wasteful water use, or, worse, contamination of the home’s potable water supply.

Outbuildings / Detached Garage Inspections

We recommend an entire property inspection and sometimes this might include detached buildings such as garages and sheds. It is important to check these out as they may have issues are usually associated with lack of maintenance and/or substandard construction methods and therefore may have undetected deficiencies that may need to be addressed.

Deck Inspections


We recommend an entire property inspection and sometimes this might include include decks. It is important to have these inspected as they may have issues that are usually associated with lack of maintenance and/or substandard construction methods and therefore may have undetected deficiencies that may need to be addressed.

Termite Inspections

Termites can go unnoticed until they cause catastrophic damage to your home. Whether you’re shopping for a home and suspect a termite issue, or you think your current home may be affected by termites, we will provide a comprehensive and thorough inspection.

Mold Assessment Consulting


We will identify conditions favorable for mold growth and determine the presence, extent, amount or identity of mold or suspected mold in a home or building. We record observations, take measurements and collect samples and will prepare a mold remediation protocol as well as a mold management plan.

11 Month Builder Warranty Inspections

Most builders offer a builder’s warranty for a new build that typically lasts 12 months. An 11-month warranty inspection allows you to get any issues documented and addressed before your builder’s warranty expires. This may be your final opportunity to have the builder cover/repair any deficiencies in your home. After your warranty expires, you will likely be responsible for the cost of any repairs at that time.

Construction Consulting Services

In addition to offering services as a Professional Home Inspector, we offer construction consulting services for those clients who are considering building their own home but may need knowledgeable guidance and some supervision along the way, in part or in whole. We take great pride in working with and teaching clients how their homes are built and function and how best to maintain them. Clients will be walked through the process and gain a greater understanding of how their home is constructed, why it is constructed the way that it is giving them knowledge and confidence that their new home is built to the highest of standards using best building practices.